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Facial Experiences

45-Minute Glow  $120

Experience a quick but effective glow-up! This treatment focuses on exfoliation tailored to your skin's needs. Choose from options like enzyme with steam, a refreshing chemical peel, advanced hydromicrodermabrasion, or the smoothing effects of dermaplaning.

75-Minute Radiance $190

Indulge in a personalized journey to radiance. This session combines carefully selected exfoliation techniques with a nourishing mask and a soothing massage. The perfect blend to leave you and your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.


120-Minute Blissful Retreat  $220

Immerse yourself in the ultimate escape! This special 2-hour treatment is carefully crafted for a deep and blissful experience. Utilizing a variety of ever-changing techniques, this treatment aims to transport you from the hustle of the real world, providing a profound relaxation for both body and mind.

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